Grumpy magician empowering the party.
Witch port Witch
Health 100
Attack 10
Special 40
Armor 25
Speed 25
Enemy Ability Curse
Ally Ability Bloodlust
Self Ability Witching Hour


Enemy Ability: Curse

This ability damages the targeted enemy and places the Curse debuff on them, which lasts two turns and significantly lowers their Armor. If the target is already cursed, a second debuff is added.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.6 Tick.

The Armor reduction from the curse debuff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1 Tick.

Ally Ability: Bloodlust

This ability places the Bloodlust buff on an ally for 3 turns. The buff increases the Hero's Attack and Speed, but makes them uncontrollable. If the ally already has this buff, the duration will stack. On the turn that the buff expires, the hero will be uncontrollable but will not have raised Attack.

The Attack and Speed increase from the buff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1 Tick.

Self Ability: Witching Hour

This ability places the Witching Hour buff on all party members, raising their Special. The buff lasts for 1 turn but, unlike other buffs, the duration is decreased at the end of a character's turn rather than the start. This means that the Witch will lose the buff instantly, but other characters have one turn to act with increased Special. If the Witch uses this ability when a Hero is already affected by the Witching Hour buff, the duration will be increased.

The Special increase from the Witching Hour buff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1 Tick.


Bloodlust is especially effective on heroes with main attacks that cannot be targeted, like the Blind Archer or Pyra.

Witching Hour followed by the other heroes using powerful items can be a way out of tough situations, as the Special boost affects item effectiveness.


Event Phrase
Begin new journey I think I've been here before...
Joins the party during an Endless Journey

Do I have to?

I'll show you how it's done.

Encounters strong enemy As if my day couldn't get any worse.
Receiving aid

Good kid.

Yeah, show elderly some respect.

Reduced to low health Yeah, let them beat on me like that!
Uses Curse

This will spoil your day.

Get them, Scratches!

Uses Bloodlust

Now go and show them!

Get them, kid!

Uses Witching Hour
Enemy dies

Get off my sight!

Yeah, bite the dust!

And that's that.

Levels up

More tricks for this old dog!

I can still learn a thing or two.

Party finds an item

Oh great. More junk to carry.

No way I'm carrying it!

Yeah, yeah. Saw it already.