Wild berserker powered by primal rage.
Wildthing port Wild Thing
Health 100
Attack 40
Special 15
Armor 10
Speed 35
Enemy Ability Raging Strike
Ally Ability Call of the Wild
Self Ability Primal Scream

The Wild Thing is unlocked by completing the Challenge of the Wild journey.


Enemy Ability: Raging Strike

This ability damages the targeted enemy and gives the Wild Thing a Rage buff. This buff increases his (it's?) Attack and Speed. Rage buffs last for 4 turns. The Wild Thing can have multiple Rage buffs at the same time.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.85 Exclamation.

The Attack and Speed increase from the Rage buff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.35 Exclamation.

Ally Ability: Call of the Wild

Despite the description, this ability does not grant the ally a buff. Instead, it seems to directly move them up the turn order - the targeted ally will often take a turn immediately after this ability is used on them. If they were already next, they might take several turns in a row. This ability uses up all the Wild Thing's Rage buffs; it appears that the more buffs he has, the further the target is moved up the turn order, although it will still work without any buffs.

The speed up effect from this ability depends on Special.

Self Ability: Primal Scream

This ability is an area attack that damages all enemies. It uses up all of the Wild Thing's Rage buffs, and deals more damage the more buffs he has. It can be used without any Rage, but does not deal much damage.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude equal to:

0.2 + 0.3 * [number of Rage buffs] Exclamation.


Using Call of the Wild on a hero better suited to the situation can be more effective than using the Rage buffs to attack or use Primal Scream. Examples include using it on a Monk to deal with a highly armored enemy or on Countess or Pyra to make them use their area of effect attacks several times in a row.

Wild Thing is a great "carry" hero for the Endless Journey, though it may be worth it to start the game with the Sturdy Armor to alleviate his low Armor stat.

As Wild Thing is powered by his Rage buff rather than his initial stats, upgrading his Special attribute or investing in Amulet of Power is a smart choice.


Event Phrase
Starting a journey Wildthing can't wait!
Finds an item

Mine! Mine!

Shiny! Shiny!

Let wildthing have it!

Encounters strong enemy Oooh! A big one!
Enemy dies

Wildthing likes dead monsters!


Receiving aid

Friends good!

Wildthing happy!

Reduced to low health

Aargh! That hurt!

Wildthing hurt!

Ally dies Wild Thing now more angry!
Both allies dead

Wildthing now REALLY angry!

Wildthing avenge friends!

Levels up

Wildthing feels so strong now!

Wildthing grows stronger!

Uses Raging Strike

Wilthing angry!


Die! Die! Die!

Uses Primal Scream WILDTHING POWER!!!
Joins the party during an Endless Journey Wildthing comes!