A walking moral dilemma.
WerePaladin port Werewolf Paladin
Health 150
Attack 40
Special 40
Armor 40
Speed 35


Enemy Ability: Smash

This ability damages the target, dealing more damage to heroes with higher health.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude equal to:

0.5 + 1.1 * (health/max_health) Exclamation

Ally Ability: Heal

This ability heals the target and shortens the duration of all their debuffs by 1.

Self Ability: Howl

This ability deals no damage. It reduces the duration of all buffs on all heroes by 1.


Werewolf paladins should be priority targets due to their healing ability. They have a somewhat predictable attack pattern in that they will usually attack the hero with the highest health in order to maximize Smash; Assassin can exploit this with Riposte. Monk's Piercing Strike is also effective against its high Armor.