This page describes the system that determines when and how often units act in combat.

Every unit has a value which we'll call energy. The system works as follows:

1. Increase the energy of every unit by 20 + 0.2 * Speed. Repeat this step until at least one unit has 100 energy or more.

2. The unit with the highest energy takes a turn and loses 100 energy. Repeat until no units have 100 energy or more, then return to 1.

Abilities that affect Turn OrderEdit

Slowing AbilitiesEdit

Some abilities are described as slowing the target down. They do this by reducing the target's energy, delaying its next action. The game makes a note of the energy the unit had before it was slowed. Until the unit's energy recovers to this level or above, the unit appears to have stars circling its head and further slowing effects will only deal 35% as much damage to its energy.

Speeding Up AbilitiesEdit

There is currently one ability, the Wild Thing's Call of the Wild, that speeds a unit up. This is done by increasing the target's energy.

Fast AbilitiesEdit

Some abilities are described as fast. These abilities still cost 100 energy to use, but the user's energy is then increased by an amount dependant on their Special stat. In theory, a unit with a high enough Special stat could gain energy from using these abilities, but the values required are impractical (around 200).

Calculating Energy changes from AbilitiesEdit

When a unit is targeted with an ability that alters its energy, the energy change is calculated according to the following formula:

Energy change = (20 + 0.4 * [user's Special]) * [effect magnitude]

where "effect magnitude" is a constant for the ability used.

If the unit is "stunned", any energy damage is multiplied by 0.35. A unit is considered stunned if it has previously taken energy damage and its energy has not yet recovered to the level it was at before the energy damage. This is indicated by stars circling the unit's head.