Likes two things: his club and regenerating health
Troll port Troll
Health 150
Attack 60
Special 25
Armor 50
Speed 20
Enemy Ability Slam
Self Ability Regenerate


Enemy Ability: Slam

This ability damages the target and delays their next action.

Self Ability: Regenerate

This ability places the Regeneration buff on the troll for 4 turns, causing him to regain health each turn. This buff cannot heal him above his max health.


Trolls are big physical attackers, so all defensive means against direct attacks, like Assassin 's Riposte or Knight 's Protect can help a lot.

As Trolls can regenerate and have high Armor, all party members must focus their efforts if they are to bring one down at a reasonable pace. For this reason, it's often smart to leave the Troll for last.

Applying Poison and/or Burn (through Pyra 's Cauterize) is a good way to apply pressure on the Troll and negate its regeneration.

Trolls often cast Regenerate at low health, so they can be baited into doing so and then Shattered by the Diverter , effectively negating their turn.