In Bonfire, every Hero and Enemy has these five stats. Heroes also have a level.

Altering StatsEdit

Stats can be temporarily altered by buffs and debuffs. Hero stats can be improved for the duration of the current journey by levelling up or by using certain items. You can also permanently upgrade a hero's stats between journeys.



When something runs out of health, it dies. All heroes have 100 health, but their varying Armor values mean that some will lose it more easily that others. When a hero or monster takes damage, their maximum health is also reduced slightly, making it impossible to heal all of the damage taken. Heroes can restore their maximum health by levelling up or through the use of healing items. Monsters never regain their maximum health.


The Attack stat influences the damage dealt by direct attacks. For more information, see Abilities.


The Special stat affects the strength of buffs, healing abilities, and secondary effects. Item power is also dependant on the Special stat of the hero using them, except for Stone Tablet and stat increasing items, which use fixed values.


The Armor stat reduces the damage received by the unit. It affects all forms of damage except attacks and debuffs that are explicitly described as ignoring armor. It is possible for a character's Armor to become negative due to debuffs, causing them to take more damage. For more information, see Abilities.


The speed stat affects the frequency with which the character acts. Characters with higher speed get turns more often in combat, and act sooner when a new battle begins. For more information, see Turn Order.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Both the Attack and Special stats can affect the strength of a Hero's abilities. In some cases both stats affect an ability. However, it is not always clear which stats influence an ability. As a rough guide, if you see the character shoot or hit an enemy, the ability is influenced by Attack. Otherwise, it is likely that the ability is affected by Special.