It's raining arrows.
SkeletonSniper port Skeleton Sniper
Health 125
Attack 45
Special 15
Armor 25
Speed 40


Enemy Ability: Shoot

This ability damages the target.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 1 Exclamation.

Ally Ability: Dark Feast

Sucks health from the targeted ally to heal the Skeleton Sniper, and places the Dark Feast buff on the Sniper for 5 turns, raising its Speed and Attack.

The damage to the targeted ally has a magnitude of 2 Exclamation.

The stat increases from Dark Feast depend on Special and have a magnitude of 1 Exclamation.

Self Ability: Barrage.

This ability fires 4-6 weak arrows at random targets.

The direct damage from each arrow depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.25 Exclamation.


Skeleton Sniper can be baited into killing its allies with Dark Feast like all other skeletons.

Assassin's Riposte works wonders against this enemy, as there's a large chance he'll hit her with the Barrage attack.

Be careful when using Knight, as Barrage's multiple hits can be quite damaging despite her high Armor.