Just LOVES to snipe weak targets.
SkeletonArcher port Skeleton Archer
Health 100
Attack 35
Special 15
Armor 15
Speed 35


Enemy Ability: Shoot

This ability damages the target.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 1 Exclamation.

Ally Ability: Dark Feast

Sucks health from the targeted ally healing the user, and places the Dark Feast buff on the Skeleton Warrior for 5 turns, raising its Speed and Attack.

The damage to the targeted ally has a magnitude of 2 Exclamation.

The stat increases from Dark Feast depend on Special and have a magnitude of 1 Exclamation.


Skeleton Archers almost always target the weakest target which may be used to predict their actions and take appropriate action, like protecting the weakest party member, or baiting them to shoot the Assassin under the effect of Riposte .

Just like other skeletons, Archers can be tricked into using Dark Feast in a way that benefits the player, like for example, killing a protected enemy or finishing off a dangerous one. They tend to use Dark Feast only when they themselves are damaged, and only on very weak targets.