Fierce combatant and master of mass destruction
Pyra port Pyra
Health 100
Attack 35
Special 25
Armor 25
Speed 15
Enemy Ability Blaze
Ally Ability Booby Trap
Self Ability Cauterize


Enemy Ability: Blaze

This ability is an area attack that damages all enemies.

The direct damage from this attack depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.6 Tick.

Ally Ability: Booby Trap

This ability places a buff on the selected ally that lasts 3 turns. If the ally dies while the buff is active, they explode, dealing damage to every enemy.

Pyra gains XP when she uses this ability and gains XP for the damage dealt if the trap goes off.

The damage dealt by the explosion has a magnitude of 2 Tick.

Self Ability: Cauterize

This ability places a buff on Pyra lasting one turn. Whilst the buff is active, each time an ally uses their enemy ability the target is given the Burning debuff. This debuff lasts for 3 turns and inflict damage each turn. If the target is already affected by the debuff, the duration is increased.

The damage dealt by the Burning debuff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.75 Tick.


Pyra's Cauterize comboes well with Assassin 's Venom Strike. Accumulating two damage-over-time debuffs can make short work of problematic enemies.

Pyra's very effective under Witch 's Bloodlust, as her main attack doesn't require targetting and she doesn't suffer that much from the loss of control.

Booby Trap is one of the most powerful damage abilities in the game and applying it to a weakened ally can turn defeat into victory.


Event Phrase
Joins the party during an Endless Journey

Time to raise the heat!

I've got your back!

Party finds an item

A powerful item!

Ha! I pity our enemies now!


Encounters strong enemy Finally! Some challenge!
Enemy dies

And stay down!

See ya in hell!

Ally dies What are you doing? Get up!
Both allies dead Finally, the odds are equal.
Receiving aid I owe you one.
Uses Blaze

To cinders!

Die, fiends!


Uses Booby Trap Let's see them try that again.
Uses Cauterize

Strike now!

Attack! I'll burn their wounds!