Once it acquires a target, they're toast
Odilon port Odilon
Health 125
Attack 55
Special 20
Armor 20
Speed 30


Enemy Ability: Acquire Target

This ability deals no damage, but places the Targeted debuff on the target for 3 turns, lowering their Armor and setting them up for the Odilon's self ability. If the target already has this debuff, the duration stacks.

The Armor decrease from the debuff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1 Exclamation.

Self Ability: Beam

This ability attacks every hero carrying the Targeted debuff and deals great damage. The debuff is removed after the attack. This attack will hit even if the hero has been made untargetable.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 1.3 Exclamation.


The Knight is a great counter to Odilons. She can protect targeted heroes and remove the debuff from herself with her Purge ability. Likewise, Diverter can use his Convert to save a targeted party member.

If Assassin gets targeted, it's a good idea to put her into Riposte, which both negates two of the Odilon's turns (acquiring the target and attacking), and deals significant damage.