Yeah! A ninja. So what?
Ninja port Ninja
Health 150
Attack 45
Special 25
Armor 20
Speed 65
Enemy Ability Assassinate
Ally Ability Smoke Screen
Self Ability Riposte


Enemy Ability: Assassinate

This ability damages the target, dealing more damage to targets with lower health.

Ally Ability: Smoke Screen

This ability applies the Smokescreen buff to the selected ally, making them untargetable for 2 turns.

This ability is fast to use - after the Ninja uses it, it gains energy. This effect depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1.2 Exclamation.

Self Ability: Riposte

Applies the Riposte buff to the Ninja. This buff lasts for one turn and causes the Ninja to dodge the next direct attack aimed at it, completely evading all damage and effects. The Ninjathen immediately counter-attacks for high damage. The buff disappears after one attack has been countered.

Area attacks do not trigger a Riposte, nor do non-damaging abilities.

The damage from the Riposte depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 2 Exclamation.


Ninjas usually attack the party member with the least health, which can be used to predict their actions and utilize proper counter-measures.

Defensive abilities used by Ninjas don't protect against area attacks, making them a favorable tactic.