Deadly martial artist and a potent healer.
Monk port Monk
Health 100
Attack 25
Special 25
Armor 20
Speed 30
Enemy Ability Piercing Strike
Ally Ability Healing
Self Ability Sanctuary

The Monk is one of the three heroes unlocked at the start of the game.


Enemy Ability: Piercing Strike

This ability deals armor piercing damage to the targeted enemy.

The direct damage from this attack depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.85 Tick.

Ally Ability: Healing

This ability restores health to an ally. It cannot restore their maximum health.

Self Ability: Sanctuary

This ability applies a buff to the Monk that lasts for 2 turns. The buff makes the Monk untargetable and raises his Special stat.

Using this ability grants the Monk 12 XP.


While Monk may seem a healer or a support hero, his piercing strikes are very useful against enemies with high Armor -- like Golems or bosses. In those cases, he's often the most powerful offensive hero available.

Monk is also a great item user due to the Special boost his Sanctuary ability grants. An attack item, such as Frozen Flame or Bomb, can clear an entire encounter or one-shot a difficult enemy when used under the effect of Sanctuary. Likewise, his healing ability increases while under Sanctuary.


Event Phrase
Joins the party during an Endless Journey Do you need my help?
Find an item Treasures are meaningless.
Encounters strong enemy A worthy opponent.
Receiving aid


I won't waste it.

Enemy dies

A splendid strike!

They fall down like leaves.

Let's keep our focus.

Ally dies I have shamed myself.
Both allies dead

Everything depends on me now.

I need to focus.

Uses Piercing Strike

Dragon punch!

Lotus strike!


Uses Healing

Be healed.

May your wounds close.

Uses Sanctuary

My will protects me.

I'm the mountain, you are the wind.

Level up

I feel the flow of the universe.

I have been enlightened.