Patient strategist wielding awesome power.
Mage port Mage
Health 100
Attack 25
Special 30
Armor 20
Speed 25
Enemy Ability Blast
Ally Ability Boost
Self Ability Charge Up

The Mage is one of the three heroes unlocked at the start of the game.


Enemy Ability: Blast

This ability deals damage to the targeted enemy. If the Mage has any charge buffs they will be used up, with each charge buff greatly increasing the damage dealt.

Ally Ability: Boost

This ability places a buff on the selected ally that increases all of their stats. If the Mage has any charge buffs they will be used up, with each buff increasing both the duration and size of the stat boost.

Duration = 2 + 2 * Number of charges

Once a character is boosted, his stats are fixed and subsequent boosts will only affect the duration. For example, a character who was boosted with one charge and is then boosted without charge will not suffer a stat drop but will gain 2 turns of boost.

Self Ability: Charge

This ability places a charge buff on the Mage. Charge buffs last for 4 turns, and greatly increase the power of the Mage's other abilities. Due to the limited duration, the Mage can never power an ability with more than 3 buffs.

This ability is fast to use - after the Mage uses it, he regains some energy. This effect depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.5 Tick.

When the Mage uses this ability he gains 13 XP.


When charged up, the Mage's abilities are very powerful. Two charges is sufficient to kill most enemies with a single Blast, though some may require three. This is very useful when facing enemies with healing abilities.

The Mage is somewhat vulnerable, and it may be necessary to have the Knight protect him whilst he charges up.

The Mage is less effective against enemies that can remove or shorten buffs, as this will make it difficult for him to charge up. It may be possible to use a slowing ability such as the Countess's shriek to delay the enemy and allow him to build up charges.

Using a charged-up Boost rather than Blast can be a more optimal choice in many situations. For example, a boosted Monk or Knight can make short work of bosses or other problematic enemies that would shrug off Blast damage.


Event Phrase
Find an item

Never say no to free stuff.


Starting a journey Let's see what they throw at us.
Enemy dies

That had to hurt.

One less to worry about.

Are we good or what?

Ally dies

Ouch. That had to hurt.

Both allies dead Oh just great!
Encounters strong enemy Oh boy...
Receiving aid

Much obliged.


Reduced to low health


Better do something quick.

Level up

Oh, I'm just getting started!

Nice. More power!

Uses Blast

Wait for it...


Here it comes!

Uses Boost

Just don't let it go to your head.

Uses Charge Up

Charge up!

Oh, this is gonna be lovely!

Joins the party during an Endless Journey We're only getting started.