At the start of each journey, all your heroes are at level 1. As they use abilities in battle, they will gain XP. When a hero has accumulated enough XP, they will level up. Heroes only retain their gained levels until the end of the journey - they will start their next one back at level 1.

Levelling UpEdit

When a hero levels up:

  • Their health and maximum health are restored to full.
  • Their Attack, Special, Armor and Speed all increase by 10% of their base value. This includes purchased upgrades but not bonuses from stat increasing items. Internally, all of these stats are stored to a high level of precision, so the a character with a base Attack of 45 will gain exactly 4.5 per level.

Gaining XPEdit

The amount of XP required to advance to the next level is 300 * Current Level.

  • Whenever a hero deals damage an enemy or heals an ally, they gain XP equal to the amount of damage or healing caused.
  • When a buff or debuff applied by a hero heals an ally or damages an enemy, they gain XP equal to the amount of healing or damage caused.
  • Some abilities grant a hero a fixed amount of XP whenever they use them.
  • There are also some unique ways of gaining XP - for example, when the Knight is protecting another hero, she gains XP every time she absorbs damage aimed at the protected hero.