This page lists known bugs and problems with Bonfire. The symbol next to each entry indicates whether it has been verified to still exist in the current version of Bonfire.


Crashes & Freeze-upsEdit

  • Sometimes Bonfire will crash immediately after being launched with the error "Tried to create an instance for non-existing object: 0". This error only occurs sporadically, and if you try to run the game again it will normally succeed Exclamation.
  • If you close the game window during a battle, and one or more units have a stat-altering status effect on them, the game may crash instead of closing normally. Since you were quitting the game anyway, this bug is of only cosmetic significance Exclamation.

Visual IssuesEdit

  • If the Bladewolf attacks from lurking whilst the Blind Archer is using Earshot, the Archer's counterattack will not appear to hit the Bladewolf, although it will deal damage normally Exclamation.

Long Term IssuesEdit

These issues are likely to exist for the forseeable future, and are not worth reverifying in each version of Bonfire.

  • If you hibernate your computer with Bonfire running, it will not resume correctly. This is probably an issue with GameMaker, the program used to create Bonfire, and therefore beyond the developer's control.