Brave warrior and protector of the weak.
Knight port Knight
Health 100
Attack 35
Special 10
Armor 40
Speed 15
Enemy Ability Attack
Ally Ability Protect
Self Ability Purge

The Knight is one of the three heroes unlocked at the start of the game.


Enemy Ability: Icon attack Attack

This ability deals damage to the targeted enemy.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 1 Tick.

Ally Ability: Icon protect Protect

This ability places the Protect buff on the Knight with a duration of two turns. Whilst the buff is in effect, the Knight will stand in front of the selected ally, causing any direct attacks aimed at the ally to hit the Knight instead. Area attacks will still hit the protected ally. The buff also raises the Knight's Armor. This buff does not stack, and if the ability is used on a second ally when the Knight is already protecting, the Knight will switch to protecting only the second.

Using this ability grants the Knight XP. Additionally, the Knight gains XP whenever she takes damage whilst protecting an ally. The XP gained appears to be proportional to the amount of damage taken.

The Armor buff from Protect depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.6 Tick.

Self Ability: Icon purge Purge

This ability heals the Knight, and completely removes all debuffs. The more debuffs are removed, the more the Knight will be healed, although the ability still restores some health even if there are no debuffs on the knight.

The healing from this ability depends on Special and has a magnitude equal to:

0.6 + 0.6 * [number of debuffs removed] Tick.


The Knight can soak a lot of damage, especially when enjoying the Armor boost due to protecting, and will often take only the minimum 5 damage from weaker attacks. The Knight's Protect ability is a good way to keep heroes with low Armor alive, and is a cornerstone of many strategies.


Event Phrase
Party finds an item

This could be useful.

Should come in handy.

Encounters strong enemy Watch out, everyone!
Enemy dies Great!
Receiving aid I knew I could count on you.
Both allies dead As long as I'm here, you haven't won!
Uses Attack



Take that!

Uses Protect

Stand behind me!

Worry not! I'm here.

Uses Purge

Begone, foul magic!

I won't fall down!

Reduced to low health

Don't worry about me!

I need some healing.

Joins party during an Endless Journey Be brave!