Stay still, GODDAMIT!
GobAssassin port Goblin Assassin
Health 100
Attack 20
Special 25
Armor 15
Speed 40


Enemy Ability: Venom Strike

This ability damages the target and applies the Poison debuff with a duration of 3 turns, which deals armor piercing damage to the target each turn.

Self Ability: Riposte

This ability places the Riposte buff on the Goblin Assassin. This buff lasts for one turn and causes the Goblin Assassin to dodge the next direct attack aimed at him, completely evading all damage and effects. He then immediately counter-attacks. The buff disappears after one attack has been countered.


Assassins have low Armor but their poison attacks can add up to a lot of damage over time, so it's best to dispose of them fast.

Area attacks are a good weapon against the Assassins, as they don't trigger Riposte.