Endless Journey
Possible Enemies
Length Infinite
Boss No end boss
Completion Bonus ?

The Endless Journey is a special journey with a limitless number of battles.

The endless journey is different from other journeys in several ways; if a hero dies, they will not be ressurrected. Instead, at the end of the battle, they will be replaced by another randomly selected hero. If your entire party is killed before you finish the battle, you will lose, just as in a normal journey. Each hero will only appear once.

You will periodically encounter campfires - at these points you can choose to stop (by clicking on the fire) or go onwards (by clicking on the sign). As with other journeys, you keep all of your gold if your party dies, but you will only receive the completion bonus if you stop at a campsite before your party is wiped out. The completion bonus increases exponentially with each campfire passed.