Some abilities can apply effects to units. These effects last some number of turns and have some effect on the target, from altering one of their Stats to healing or damaging them each turn to causing the unit to react to attackers. Below each entry is a list of units that use the effect.

There are some behaviours that are shared by several status effects - there are multiple effects that can cause a unit to be uncontrollable or untargetable, so these two behaviours have their own pages describing their effects.

Effects' turn counters decrease at the beginning of a unit's turn unless stated otherwise, though this occurs after the effect triggers (so an effect with one turn remaining will still trigger before fading).


Buffs are positive effects on a character, though some may have downsides, such as Bloodlust making the character uncontrollable. Some game mechanics distinguish between buffs and debuffs.


Raises hero's Armor.


Increases Attack and Speed but the unit is uncontrollable.

Booby TrapEdit

Target explodes upon death.


Greatly increases all attributes.


Applies Burning to enemies attacked by the party.


All target's stats are raised.


Powers other abilities. Stackable.

Dark FeastEdit

Increases Speed and Attack.


User shoots an arrow at attacking enemies.

Guided StrikeEdit

Hero's attacks are followed with an arrow. If a character with Guided Strike makes a single-target attack, Blind Archer will make a direct attack on that target immediately afterwards. Guided Strike does nothing if the target is killed by the initial attack. The duration of Guided Strike can be stacked up to 9 turns. The buff is not lost if Blind Archer dies, but it becomes useless.


Raises target's Speed.


Hides in preparation for vicious attack. Provides immunity to all attacks, including area attacks and items.


Attackers are afflicted with the Perfume debuff.


"Protect" redirects here. For the ability, see Knight.

User protects an ally and has raised Armor. A character with the Protect buff will intercept all direct damage (including Riposte and Earshot) to the character it is protecting, but will not protect from area attacks. Protect does not stack and only one character can be protected at a time. The buff is lost if the protected character is killed.


Increases Attack and Speed. Stackable.


User regenerates Health.


"Riposte" redirects here. For the ability, see Assassin.

Dodges the next attack and launches a counter-strike. User will take no damage from the next attack and ignore all effects (including Shatter). Riposte will dodge any direct attack, including non-targetted attacks, but not area attacks. If an attack is dodged, the buff is lost. Earshot will damage an opponent before the Riposte counter-strike.


Makes untargetable and raises Special.


Makes untargetable.

Song of VictoryEdit

Raises hero's Attack.

Witching HourEdit

This buff is decremented at the end of the character's turn. Raises Special attribute.


Debuffs are negative effects on a character.


Inflicts Aggravated Damage every turn.


Lowers victim's Armor. Stackable.


Lowers Attack and makes the unit uncontrollable.


Deals piercing damage each turn.


Reduces target's Speed.