Magnificently magical monstrosity
Dragon port Dragon
Health 250
Attack 50
Special 40
Armor 60
Speed 50
Enemy Ability Dragon Breath
Self Ability Purge

The dragon is a boss monster.


Enemy Ability: Dragon Breath

This ability is an Area attack that damages all heroes and reduces the duration of all their buffs by 1.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.6 Exclamation.

Self Ability: Purge

This ability removes any debuffs affecting the Dragon and restores health for any debuff removed that way.

The healing from this ability depends on Special and has a magnitude equal to:

0.6 + 0.6 * [number of debuffs removed] Exclamation.


The Dragon battle basically comes down to a damage-per-turn standoff, testing the player's ability to optimize their offensive power. It's best to avoid defensive actions, since Dragon's breath is area of effect and shortens buffs anyway, and instead focus on dealing as much damage as possible.

This boss may prove to be quite challenging to new players. The easiest way to defeat it with the default team is to charge up the Mage twice and use his Boost ability on the Monk . Buffed Monk should make short work of the Dragon with his armor-piercing strikes.