Using buffs is a bad idea.
Golem port Crystal Golem
Health 125
Attack 45
Special 20
Armor 45
Speed 15


Enemy Ability:

Sends a bolt that damages targeted hero. An additional bolt is sent for every charge that the crystal golem possesses.

Self Ability:

Converts all buffs/debuffs on the field into charges for the golem.


Crystal Golems are a nightmare if you don't have Diverter. Try to avoid generating any effects and simply attack it until it dies; Monk's Piercing Strike is effective here. Beware of Assassin and Witch, who cannot take any action without generating an effect (though those effects are helpful for taking down the golem). Wild Thing should dissipate rage with Primal Scream or Call of the Wild after attacking. Countess' Shriek can buy you more time, which is especially important if generating effects is unavoidable. If you're unlucky and the golem spawns with effect-generating enemies, there's nothing you can really do except grin and bear it.

Diverter makes this enemy into a joke; Time Warp will make the golem gather a huge number of charges, which can then be Shattered for massive damage. Other heroes should generate as many effects as possible to facilitate this.