Unaging noble and master of blood magic.
Countess port Countess
Health 100
Attack 25
Special 25
Armor 25
Speed 25
Enemy Ability Drain Life
Ally Ability Transfer
Self Ability Shriek

The Countess is unlocked by completing the Challenge of the Dead journey.


Enemy Ability: Drain Life

This ability damages the targeted enemy. This is a vampiric attack, which heals the attacker for an amount equal to half the damage dealt.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.9 Tick.

Ally Ability: Transfer

This ability heals a selected ally. This is vampiric healing, which damages the healer for an amount equal to half the amount healed.

The healing from this ability depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1.5 Tick.

Self Ability: Shriek

This ability delays the next action of every enemy and deals armor piercing damage to them.

The damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.3 Tick.

This ability delays the targets by reducing their energy. This effect depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.8 Tick.


It's usually best to consider Shriek as Countess's main attack and use Drain Life only to recover health or finish off a single enemy. Its delaying effect provides significant advantage over the duration of the entire battle.

The Countess is a good "carry character" for the endless journey; both Drain Life and Shriek benefit greatly from increased stats due to items and levelling up.

Transfer will always damage the Countess for half of the maximum amount she can heal, even if the target does not need that much health. This makes it dangerous to use if the Countess's Special has been significantly increased, particularly during a long Endless Journey run where she might reach level 10 or above.


Event Phrase
Find an item

A worthy reward!

I had something like that in my mansion.

I'll take it.

Starting a journey For vengeance!
Enemy dies

Pathetic weaklings.

Too easy!

Encounters boss I can finally put my powers to test.
Receiving aid Appreciated, minion.
Reduced to low health

How dare you!

I... need... blood.

Level up My blood grows stronger!
Uses Drain Life

Bow before me!

Mmm... what a taste!

Uses Transfer

Take my blood.

You won't die as long as I'm here.

Uses Shriek



Joins the party during an Endless Journey

They will regret this!

Time for vengeance!