Challenge of the Armed
Possible Enemies
Castle set
Length 15
Boss His Highness and two Ninjas
Completion Bonus 100 gold
The Challenge of the Armed is unlocked by completing a Medium Journey. Completing it unlocks the Blind Archer.

Victory bonus is 100 gold.



Treasure chests on this journey only contain stat increasing items. It is highly recommended to bring healing items. The journey may be easier if you manage to find a lot of Sturdy Armors, depending on your party.

As enemies in this journey are mostly strong physical attackers with no area attacks, taking Knight and/or Assassin is recommended for their defensive abilities.

Battles occur in areas 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 15. All other areas except area 4 contain treasure. Area 5 will always contain two Hobgoblins and a Goblin Slave. Consider taking Assassin or Monk for their armor-piercing abilities.

The two Ninjas in the final area can easily cripple a low health party, especially with the Champion buff. Assassin can use Smokescreen and Riposte to mitigate a lot of their damage. Ninjas are also able to use these skills, so take advantage of Poison and area attack abilities to damage them regardless. Using Monk to top off heroes' health can mitigate damage from Assassinate, and his Piercing Strike is helpful against His Highness' strong Armor. Diverter, if you have him, can be used to negate Champion.