Challenge of the Starved
Possible Enemies
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Length 9
Boss Djinn and two Zombies
Completion Bonus 200 gold
The Challenge of the Starved is unlocked by completing a Long Journey. Completing it unlocks the Diverter.


This journey occurs in a Desert setting.


There are no treasure chests in this journey, though there are blank screens in areas 5 and 8 where heroes still recover health. Item loadout is therefore crucial, and healing items are recommended.

Certain areas are deterministic:

Unlike most journeys, defensive strategies are useful here, as this is a challenge of endurance. Heroes with healing or defensive abilities, such as Monk, Knight, and Assassin, are recommended. Assassin's Riposte is also useful against the predictable attack patterns of the Odilons.

The penultimate battle against His Highness is very difficult and may come down to luck. His Highness should be targeted first, as he can summon more Batling Pyros if they are defeated. Beware of Booby Trap, which the pyros may place on His Highness. If you cannot avoid it, it may be worth it to take the hit and kill His Highness anyway, especially if you have an Ankh of Life in reserve. Healing items should be saved for this battle; Healing Scrolls are particularly useful.

The Zombies in the final battle facilitate the Djinn's Discharge ability by placing effects on the party, so try to eliminate them quickly. Once they have fallen, the Djinn itself is fairly easy if the party contains Knight and Monk, who can easily remove the Doom effect.

On a replay, Diverter is extremely useful; he is an additional source of healing, he can remove His Highness' Champion buff, and he can manage effects during the Djinn battle.

Easter EggsEdit

  • Monk has special dialogue in Area 1.