Challenge of the Dead
Possible Enemies
Graveyard set
Length 12
Boss Three Necros
Completion Bonus 100 gold
The Challenge of the Dead is unlocked by completing a Short Journey. Completing it unlocks the Countess.


This journey occurs in a Graveyard setting.


The treasure chests in areas 3, 7, and 11 all contain Ankhs of Life, and the chest in area 5 contains a Diamond Hourglass. This frees up a party to focus on offense, as mistakes and deaths can be easily rectified. (However, it may pay to play it safe in order to survive the three-battle gauntlet toward the end.) Healing items can take a backseat in this journey, and it is recommended to bring damaging or stat increasing items instead.

Battles occur in areas 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12. All other areas contain treasure. Area 2 will always contain three Skeleton Archers, area 9 will always contain a Vampire and two skeletons (Archers or Warriors), and area 10 will always contain a Skeleton Sniper and two Skeleton Archers. Consider taking Assassin, whose Riposte is a good counter to the predictable attack pattern of the archers. Diverter, if you have him, can neutralize the many enemies that use Dark Feast. This is one of the few areas where Monk is not terribly useful, as healing is largely unnecessary and few enemies have high Armor scores. Knight may be useful in defending against early enemies, but the boss' area attack renders Protect useless.

The final area contains three Necros. To counter their vampiric attacks, a continuous offense is necessary; the Diamond Hourglass and Ankhs of Life come in handy here. Assassin will have difficulty contributing to the offense directly, as the Necros' area attack will not trigger Riposte, but Venom Strike can offset the Necros' healing. Mage's delayed but powerful attacks can also be useful for killing a Necro without whittling it down to the point another enemy uses Dark Feast on it.

Easter EggsEdit

  • Countess has special dialogue in Area 9 and Area 12.
  • Knight has special dialogue in Area 2.
  • Mage has special dialogue in area 10.