When you begin a new journey, you choose three heroes to form your party. At the start of the game, only three heroes are unlocked, but you can gain access to more by completing journeys.

Each hero has three unique abilities. All heroes have 100 health, but their other four stats vary. The unupgraded Attack, Special, Armor and Speed of each Hero sum to 100.

Icon Name Attack Special Armor Speed Enemy Ability Ally Ability Self Ability Unlock Conditions
Knight port Knight 35 10 40 15 Attack Protect Purge Unlocked from start
Monk port Monk 25 25 20 30 Piercing Strike Healing Sanctuary Unlocked from start
Mage port Mage 25 30 20 25 Blast Boost Charge Up Unlocked from start
Assassin port Assassin 20 25 15 40 Venom Strike Smoke Screen Riposte Complete Medium Journey
Pyra port Pyra 35 25 25 15 Blaze Booby Trap Cauterize Complete Short Journey
Witch port Witch 15 40 25 20 Curse Bloodlust Witching Hour Complete Long Journey
Countess port Countess 25 25 25 25 Drain Life Transfer Shriek Complete Challenge of the Dead
Archer port Blind Archer 35 10 25 30 Blind Shot Guided Shot Earshot Complete Challenge of the armed
Wildthing port Wild Thing 40 15 10 35 Raging Strike Call of the Wild Primal Scream Complete Challenge of the Wild
Diverter port Diverter 30 30 20 20 Shatter Convert Time Warp Complete Challenge of the Starved
? General 30 20 30 20 Smash Order Fortress Complete Deadly Journey

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