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This is a wiki for the game Bonfire, made by MoaCube.

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The creator of Bonfire describes it as "...a lightweight tactical RPG with strong roguelike influences that respects your time… and hates your guts."

In Bonfire you control a group of three heroes through a series of turn-based battles. Games are short, and successfully completing an area can unlock new items and heroes. Between adventures, you can upgrade your unlocked heroes and buy new items with which to equip adventuring parties. Bonfire is a small but deep game; each hero has just three abilities and four stats, but the number of possible interactions allows for many different strategies.

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This wiki contains information on heroes, enemies, items, journeys and game mechanics. We also have a list of Known Issues with the current version of Bonfire. Each page has a strategy section - feel free to add your own advice, and to add new pages.

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