Deadly sniper trusting his senses.
Archer port Blind Archer
Health 100
Attack 35
Special 10
Armor 25
Speed 30
Enemy Ability Blind Shot
Ally Ability Guided Shot
Self Ability Earshot


Enemy Ability: Blindshot

This ability states that it deals damage to a randomly selected enemy. This is true, but it is more likely to hit the enemy you click. Blindshot may target enemies which have been made untargetable.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 1.15 Tick.

Ally Ability: Guided Shot

This ability places the Guided Strike buff on the selected ally that lasts for 4 turns. Whilst the buff is active, each time an ally uses their enemy ability, the Blind Archer immediately attacks that enemy. Blind Archer gains XP when he uses this ability and for the damage dealt by his bonus attacks.

The damage from the guided shot depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.95 Tick.

Self Ability: Earshot

This ability places the Earshot buff on the Blind Archer for one turn. Whilst the buff is active, the Blind Archer immediately attacks any enemy that attacks the party. The Archer's attack happens just after the enemy attack, and will not trigger if the attack kills the Archer. This only triggers when the enemy attacks on their turn - if the enemy attack is itself triggered by an ability like Earshot or Riposte, the Blind Archer does not counter-attack.

The damage from the earshot depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.95 Tick.


Blind Archer is a great "carry" hero for the Endless Journey, as he's one of the most powerful attackers in the game. It's a good idea to give him the Magic Sword at the start of the quest.

This hero has a great synergy with Witch's Bloodlust. If he uses one of his secondary abilities like the Guided Shot, Bloodlust's attack buff will boost his normal attacks as well as the extra ones, greatly increasing the overall damage per turn. Additionally, as Blind Shot can't be targetted reliably anyway, the lack of control is less of a drawback.


Event Phrase
Joins the party during an Endless Journey Show me to the enemies.
Find an item Pack it up and let's move on.
Encounters strong enemy Something big approaches.
Enemy dies

One down.



Ally dies I can't hear you. Where are you?
Both allies dead

I'm alone again.

Everyone went silent.

Receiving aid

Thank you.


Reduced to low health Send some help.
Uses Blind Shot



Uses Guided Shot

You'll be my eyes.

Guide me.

Uses Earshot

I can hear your moves.

You won't dare.

Level up

My senses grow sharper.

I have found my focus.