Holy %@&!
Bladewolf port Bladewolf
Health 250
Attack 60
Special 20
Armor 50
Speed 70
Enemy Ability Multislash
Self Ability Lurk

The Bladewolf is a boss monster. It always appears at the end of the Challenge of the Wild and may randomly appear as the boss of other journeys.


Enemy Ability: Multislash

This ability launches 1-5 slashes at a single hero, dealing appropriate damage. When performed from Lurk, the ability always launches at least 3 slashes.

Self Ability: Lurk

This ability places the Lurk buff on the Bladewolf. The buff lasts until the Bladewolf's next turn and causes it to disappear from the screen, making it impossible to target with any ability. Even Area attacks and items will not hit the Bladewolf whilst it is lurking. On its next turn, the Bladewolf will attack with its enemy ability, dealing massive damage.


Bladewolf is a purely melee enemy, so abilities and items that protect against attack or increase Armor are very useful.

Bladewolf attacks a random hero, unless striking from Lurk, when he picks the weakest target. This can be used to predict the boss' next attack and cover it with Knight's Protect ability or a retargeting skill, like Monk's Sanctuary or Assassin's Smoke Screen.

Aegis is a very useful item against this boss, as it significantly lowers the damage received.

Assassin's Riposte is a powerful ability against the Bladewolf, if you can make the boss target the Assassin or she is the only hero left. However, having the Assassin take on the Bladewolf one-on-one is not a guaranteed win, as the Bladewolf's higher speed means that it will eventually take two turns in a row, allowing it to hit her.