Nimble acrobat skilled in diversion tactics.
Assassin port Assassin
Health 100
Attack 20
Special 25
Armor 15
Speed 40
Enemy Ability Venom Strike
Ally Ability Smoke Screen
Self Ability Riposte


Enemy Ability: Venom Strike

This ability damages the targeted enemy and gives it a Poison debuff lasting 3 turns. The debuff causes damage at the start of the affected monster's turn. If the target is already poisoned, the duration of the debuff is increased.

The direct damage from this ability depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 0.6 Exclamation.

The damage dealt by the poison buff depends on Special and has a magnitude of 0.45 Exclamation.

Ally Ability: Smoke Screen

This ability applies the Smokescreen buff to the selected ally, making them untargetable for 2 turns.

This ability is fast to use - after the Assassin uses it, she gains energy. This effect depends on Special and has a magnitude of 1.2 Exclamation.

Self Ability: Riposte

Applies the Riposte buff to the Assassin. This buff lasts for one turn and causes the Assassin to dodge the next direct attack aimed at her, completely evading all damage and effects. The Assassin then immediately counter-attacks. This attack does not inflict poison but is more damaging than her normal attack. The buff disappears after one attack has been countered.

Area attacks do not trigger a Riposte, nor do non-damaging abilities.

The damage from the Riposte depends on Attack and has a magnitude of 2 Exclamation.


Thanks to Riposte and Smoke Screen, the Assassin can serve as a secondary tank. Especially so against enemies with predictable attack patterns, like Odilons or Skeleton Archers. Smoke Screen is a very fast attack, and with enough Speed, Assassin will be able to protect both herself and another party member between enemy attacks.

Poison debuff from Venom Strike deals armor-piercing damage and is best applied on problematic enemies at the start of the battle. It also comboes well with Pyra 's Cauterize ability.

Riposte has one of the highest XP gains in the game, which can make the Assassin a good candidate for Stone Tablets during longer journeys to reach higher levels. Permanent upgrades are beneficial if using this strategy.


Event Phrase
Finds treasure

More trinkets!


Enemy dies

Nice one!

Haha! Great!

Now, that's what I like!

Receiving aid Hey! Thanks!
Uses Venom Strike

Feel my daggers!

I'm coming for you!

Uses Smoke Screen

Take cover!


Uses (readies) Riposte

Come on! I'm ready!

Just you try!

Level up

I learned a few more tricks!

More training never hurts.

Ally is killed Hey!
Both allies killed Time to get really careful.
Meet boss This is going to be fun!
Reduced to low health

I'm in trouble here!

That was close!

Joins the party in an Endless Journey I've been trained for this!