Every Hero has three unique abilities - one that can be used on enemies, one that can be used on allies and one that the hero can use on themselves. These are referred to in the wiki as the enemy ability, ally ability and self ability. Monsters are the same, except that they may have only one or two abilities. This system means that there is no need to select which ability to use in combat - just click on a target and the appropriate ability will be used.

Abilities may apply effects to units.

Currently, the names of enemy abilities cannot be see in the game. Any ability names on the enemy pages come from a developer, either directly or copied from a forum post.

Calculating Damage from AbilitiesEdit

Direct Damage/HealingEdit

Ability damage or healing is calculated according to this formula:

Damage/Healing  = (20 + 0.4*([attacker's Attack] - [target's Armor])) * [attack magnitude]

where "attack magnitude" is a constant for the ability.

If this value is less than 5, the attack deals 5 damage instead. For armor piercing attacks, the target's armor is treated as zero. Healing also treats the target's Armor as zero.

Slowing/Speeding EffectsEdit

Some abilities can move the target up or down the turn order. These effects are dependant on the user's Special; for more information, see Turn Order.

Calculating Effects of Buffs/DebuffsEdit

Stat-altering Buffs Some buffs increase or decrease the target's stats. The stat increase or decrease is calculated according to this formula:

Stat change = (20 + 0.4 * [attacker's Special]) * [effect magnitude]

where "effect magnitude" is a constant for the ability used to apply the buff.

Buff Damage/HealingEdit

If a buff deals damage or heals the unit each turn, the amount is calculated according to the following formula:

Damage/Healing = (20 + 0.4*([User's Special] - [target's Armor])) * [effect magnitude]

where "effect magnitude" is a constant for the ability used to apply the buff.

Debuffs that deal piercing damage always treat Armor as zero. Healing buffs also treat Armor as zero.

Buff DurationsEdit

The duration of a buff depends on the ability used to apply it. Buff durations are constant for each ability and are not affected in any way by stats.

Max Health DamageEdit

Every time a unit takes damage, its maximum health is reduced. A unit cannot be healed above its max health by abilities, although heroes can regain it through healing items and levelling up.

The max health damage for normal abilities is equal to 0.2 * the normal damage.

Some abilities and debuffs deal "aggravated damage". These reduce max health by 0.5 * the normal damage.

All attacks reduce max health by a minimum of 1.

Damage TypesEdit

There are a few special properties shared by several attacks.

Aggravated DamageEdit

Attacks described as dealing "Aggravated damage" cause more max health damage. Normal attacks reduce max health by 20% of the damage dealt. These reduce max health by 50% of the damage dealt.

Vampiric Damage/HealingEdit

The Countess and Vampire can deal vampiric damage and healing. Vampiric damage heals the attacker for half the damage done. Vampiric healing damages the healer for half the healing done.

If a vampiric attack deals damage exceeding the target's health, the attacker is still healed for half of the damage that would have been theoretically dealt if the target had had enough health. Similarly, a vampiric healing ability will always damage the user for half of the maximum amount they can heal, even if the target can't actually be healed for that much.

Piercing DamageEdit

Attacks that deal piercing damage count the target's Armor as zero, regardless of the actual value. If the target has been reduced to negative armor by debuffs, the attack will actually deal less damage than one that is not piercing.